It Just So Happened - an alternative history show

Stand-up comedians present short historical ‘on this day’ pieces then discuss some history of the location where the live show recording takes place

016 Nottingham

Podcast episode 016 LINK features historical events from 10th November and from the history of Nottingham.

Recorded at The Castle pub in Nottingham, as part of the Nottingham Comedy Festival.

With guest panellists Lisa Vernon, Tommy Tomski, Tony Cowards and Sanjay Brown.

The panellists performed self-penned stand-up comedy material based on 10th November in history, before discussing topics based on some famous events and people with historical Nottingham connections.

Amongst other things we find out:-
- why it was National Accounting Day
- that Kalashnikov umbrellas are a thing
- nutmeg and lime is not a tasty combination
- how joking about bananas could get you into trouble
- ways to get from Dover to Nottingham
- how the Goose Fair got its name
- why the leading lady in Brief Encounter popped into Boots