It Just So Happened - an alternative history show

Stand-up comedians at live festival events present short historical ‘on this day‘ pieces then discuss some historical topics or people connected to the location where the live show recording takes place. This was a touring show across UK festivals in 2019, changing to live videocasts while Covid-19 restrictions were in place, before reverting back to regular shows and podcasts in 2021. Find us at @ItJustSo1 on Twitter.

IJSH22 - BUXTON Fringe - 17th July 2021

September 15th, 2021

Podcast episode 022 features historical events from 17th July and from the history of Buxton.

Recorded live at The Green Man Gallery as part of the Buxton Comedy Festival.

With guest panellists Kevin Hudson, Ishi Khan and Gerard Harris.

The panellists performed self-penned stand-up comedy material based on 17th July in history before talking about Buxton.

Topics covered include:
- The renaming of the British Royal Family to Windsor
- Handel's Water Music
- The US - USSR Soyuz docking
- International emoji Day


"Pulsford is a charming host and we finished with some little known facts about Buxton and it’s German twin Bad Nauheim, and a lovely tribute to Buxton’s Tim Brooke-Taylor who would have been 81 on the day. Luckily for you it’s all been recorded for Richard’s podcast, so look out for It Just So Happened online!"

- Stephen Walker

Kevin Hudson, Ishi Khan, Richard Pulsford and Gerard Harris. 

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