It Just So Happened - an alternative history show

Stand-up comedians present short historical ‘on this day’ pieces then discuss some history of the location where the live show recording takes place

Upcoming Podcasts

010 - episode out mid-October
READING / 25th July in history
With Iszi Lawrence, Seamus Allen, Terry Dixon and Chris Riley

011 - episode out late October
YORK / 28th July in history
With John Rands, Lisa Vernon, Tommy Tomski and Alex Leam

012 - episode out mid-November
EDINBURGH (The Grassmarket and Greyfriars Kirkyard) / 6th August in history
With Matt Duwell, Nav Chima, Dylan Dodds and Louise Leigh

013 - episode out late November
EDINBURGH (crime and punishment) / 13th August in history
With Andrew White, David Cruickshanks, Fedor Ikelaar and Charmian Hughes

014 - episode out mid-December
EDINBURGH (famous past residents) / 20th August in history
With Gerard Harris, Radu Isac, Devin Wallace and Lee Moore

015 - episode out late December
DUNFERMLINE / 4th September in history
With Vladimir McTavish, Jamie Dalgleish, Daniel Downie and Bruce Fummey

016 - episode out mid-January 2020
NOTTINGHAM / 10th November in history