It Just So Happened - an alternative history show

Stand-up comedians present short historical ‘on this day’ pieces then discuss some history of the location where the live show recording takes place

011 York

Podcast episode 011 LINK features historical events from 28th July and from the history of York.

Recorded at The John Cooper Studio Theatre in York, as part of the Great Yorkshire Fringe.

With guest panellists Alex Leam, Lisa Vernon, Tommy Tomski and John Rands, the recording was hosted by Richard Pulsford.

The panellists performed self-penned stand-up comedy material based on 28th July in history, before discussing topics from the history of York.
Amongst other things, the audience discovered:
- why some poo is worth insuring
- how J.S. Bach lost his eyesight
- why York Minster might have caught fire in 1984
- the real reason why ravens are at the Tower of London