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Stand-up comedians at live festival events present short historical ‘on this day’ pieces then discuss some historical topics or people connected to the location where the live show recording takes place. This was a touring show across UK festivals in 2019. In 2020 live videocasts are taking place while Covid-19 restrictions remain in place. Regular podcasts are due to resume in 2021. Find us at @ItJustSo1 on Twitter.

On This Day in history

25th February

On 25th February 1597 - a solar eclipse caused alarm in Edinburgh


David Calderwood in his Historic of the Kirk of Scotland (1646) recorded the widespread alarm caused by a solar eclipse: "Betwixt nine and ten forenoon, began a fearful eclipse which continued about two hours. The whole face of the sun seemed to be covered and darkened about half a quarter of an hour, in such measure that none could see to read a book. The stars appeared in the firmament. Sea, land and air were still, and stricken dead as it were. The ravens and fowls flocking together, mourned exceedingly in their kind. Great multitudes of paddocks [frogs] ran together, making an uncouth and hideous noise; men and women were astonished, as if the day of judgement had been coming. Some women swooned. The streets of Edinburgh were full of cries. Some men ran off the streets to the kirk to pray."

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